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Chia Pudding

One of the best things to make with chia seeds isĀ  chia pudding. Its incredibly easy to make, recipes are very simple and don’t require a lot of ingredients. Many of the most popular puddings can be made with all natural, dairy free substitutes and actually become better health foods when using chia seed in the ingredients. By removing any almond milk or other liquid ingredients they can meet paleo diet qualifications.

Next you’ll find 2 of our favorite pudding recipes and they are really fun to make. You can put your own twists on them by adding your own ingredients and playing around with the flavors. Enjoy. Read Article »

Chia Seeds Recipes

These seeds have been used for thousands of years so there are bound to be a few chia seeds recipes. From beverages to baked goods they have a wide range of benefits and uses. They also have a fairly nutty/neutral taste so they won’t take any flavor away from great tasting foods. They will add protein since nearly 1/4 of the seeds are plant protein. Read Article »